Unisa Curriculum

The Unisa LLB curriculum for 2019 will be uploaded soon.

The Unisa LLB curriculum for 2018 is below:

First Year:

Code Description
HFL 1501 The History of the Foundations of South African Law.
FAC 1503 Financial Accounting for Law Students.
ILW 1501 Introduction to Law.
PVL 1501 Law of Persons.
SCL 1501 Skills Course for Law students.
SJD 1501 Social Dimensions of Justice.
PLS 1502 Introduction to African Philosophy.
AFL 1501 Language through an African lens.
IRM 1501 Introduction to Research Methodology for law and criminal justice.


Select one of the non-law modules below

Code Description
LIN 1502 The role of language in the South African Context
CMY 1501 Introduction to criminology: crime criminals and criminal behavior
CMY 1502 Introduction to criminology: victims and the reduction of crime and the reaction to crime


Second Year:

Code Description
ADL2601 Administrative Law
CRW2601 General Principles of Criminal Law
CRW2602 Criminal Law Specific Crimes
CSL2601 Constitutional Law
FUR2601 Fundamental Rights
IND2601 African Customary Law
IOS2601 Interpretation of Statutes
MRL2601 Entrepreneurial Law
PVL2601 Family Law
PVL2602 Law of Succession


Third Year:

Code Description
MRL 3701 Insolvency Law
MRL 3702 Labour Law
PVL 3701 Law of Property
PVL 3702 Law of Contract
PVL 3703 Law of Delict
PVL 3704 Enrichment liability and Estoppel
CIV 3701 Civil Procedure
LEV 3701 Law of Evidence
CPR 3701 Criminal Procedure
LME 3701 Legal Research Methodology


Fourth Year:

Code Description
LCP4801 International Law
LJU4801 Legal Philosophy
LJU4802 Professional Ethics
LML 4806 Company Law
LCP 4804 Advanced Indigenous Law
LPL 4802 Law of Damages
RRLLB81 LLB Research Report
TLI4801 Techniques in Trial and Litigation



LML 4801 Patent and Copyright law
LML 4802 Law of competition and trademarks
LML 4804 Tax Law
LML 4805 Insurance law
LML 4807 Banking Law and usage
LML 4810 Legal Aspects of Electronic Commerce
LPL 4801 Law of Sale and Lease
LPL 4804 Conveyancing
LPL 4805 Notarial Practice